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How much are you like Miyavi?

Yep, you're alot like Miyavi! You're probably hyper, and love to help people and make people smile. Do you have a problem with yelling too much? o_o; You also more then likely always get your way with that adorable smile, too. Lucky...
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What Berserk character are you? (Not complete with Pictures)

You may have led a hard life, but your noble bearing and unusually perfect hair makes people flock to you. You are consumed by a dream and ambition to rule God-knows-what, and will stop at nothing to get it. Now excuse me while I step out of your path.
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Who in Malice Mizer would screw you?

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Who are you from Dir en Grey~?

You're Die! He is the joker of the group. He is one of the guitarist of Dir en Grey. He is very easy-going and dosnt put on to much make-up...
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Which type of Gackt pants are you?

Sassy and Classy--I'm Gackt's Lovely Black Leather Pants!Although it may seem unusual, I am a staple of Gackt's wardrobe and serve to give him the simple, sexy, gothy look that he often portrays.
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What Piece of Jrock Anatomy are You?

*SLUUURP* I'm Hide's F***ing Long Tongue!
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Which Miyavi anatomy are you?

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Which Saiyuki Bunny Pairing Are You?

Whoa. You might be a little TOO happy with the bunny, there. Bunnies are meant to snuggle, not to sex. But... you do take good care of it. And it's there for you on the lonely nights you can't get any, so... whatever floats your boat, dude...
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New Insanity Test! (by me)

Funny insanity!!you're the funny insane, the one who is someway crazy but not in a bad way.you're carying, playful, fun to be around and you care of your friends
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If you were a pirate, you would be...

You are Captain Cutthroat! You rule the seas, and those who get in your way have an unfortunant tendancy to turn up dead. Basically, you're an old-fashioned, hard core pirate. Yo ho ho!
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